Flight Schedule

Currently Drukair only flies from select port of departure:

Bangkok, Thailand



(Twice Weekly)

Kathmandu, Nepal


Kolkata, India

(Almost Daily)

Bagdora, India

(Twice Weekly)

Gaya, India

(Twice Weekly)

Dhaka, Bangladesh

(Thrice Weekly)

Mumbai, India



Travel Tips when flying with Druk Air

Due to the geographical location and operating challenges out of Paro airport in Bhutan, flights are severely dependent on weather conditions. Schedule timings are subject to change without prior notice. Travelers are therefore, requested to check with Drukair offices or its agent for the latest information. Drukair reserves the rights without assigning any reason to cancel, reschedule, or overfly or delay the commencement or deviate from the route of the journey.

How to book your Drukair flight?

Choose your point of entries and drop us an email at orientaltt@gmail.com with your preferred point of entry. We will be able to advise you on availability and lowest fare available. Our quoted price would include any applicable seasonal discount of up to 25%. Additionally, we will be ablt to reserve your tickets for up to 30 days. We accept both bank transfer and credit card as payment option.

How far in advance should you book Drukair ticket?

We would recommend booking your tickets as soon as you are considering your travel to Bhutan. As representative, GSA, of Drukair, we will be able to reserve your tickets for up to 30 days or more if you traveling much later while you plan your itinerary in Bhutan. While tickets are generally available with the additional of third A319, most travelers will be traveling on strategic dates such as long weekend, public holiday, school holiday and festival period in Bhutan. For such peak season, we would recommend planning half a year in advance. If you have much flexibility like traveling on weekday, it would be fine to plan your trip 1 or 2 months advance. We have handled travel booking with just 1 or 2 weeks notice but such travelers usually have time and flexibility on their side.

Impeccable flying safety record

Drukair has 30 years of zero incident flying safety record. As landing on Paro airport can only be done manually using visual approach, all of our pilots are especially trained for the challenging terrain and shorter runway.

Flight Schedules

Rescheduled and additional flights - 08th March - 28th Sept 2015
1st Feb 2015 - 28th Feb 2015
1st Mar 2015 - 28th Mar 2015
29th Mar 2015 - 15th April 2015
16th April 2015 - 14th May 2015
15th May 2015 - 30th June 2015
1st July 2015 - 31st Aug 2015
1st Sep 2015 - 24th Oct 2015