Bhutan Oriental Tours and Treks


Bhutan Oriental Tours and Treks is managed by Bhutanese associates and by few Partners marketing from USA, Australia, Europe and South Korea. Since inception in 2007, Bhutan Oriental Tours and Treks has been venturing into new arena of tourism and making utmost efforts to make the best experience available to its clients. We are a licensed company by Tourism Council of Bhutan and a member of Association of Bhutanese Tour Operators.

Apart from Cultural, Adventure, Art, Cycling,Festivals,Luxury,Honeymoon,Wildlife,Birding,Eco-Tourism,Special Interest tourism, Motorbike, Nature, Photography, Pilgrimage, Wellness, Trekking and White Water Rafting, we also excel into designing tailor made tour packages for domestic, inbound and outbound tourist.

All of our staffs have many years of experience (for some over 12 years) in Bhutan's Tourism. Our ground leaders and guides are among the finest in Bhutan. In addition to the accreditation and training they receive from Bhutan's Government, they are also taught by us for several months before leading our trips individually. In addition to the training, we keep guides and staffs with passion in the job, sincerity, readiness to work hard and at the same time have fun and share the delight. We take these seriously when selecting our team.

Since 2011, our mission has been to satisfy every individuals and groups with total satisfaction, providing each with personalized, seamless and truly unique experience. We make your travel effortless and truly an unforgettable experience. At Bhutan Oriental Tours and Treks, we are involved with the place and its people we believe great travel is an understanding of nation, cuisine, history, people, natural beauty and change.


Bhutan Oriental is authorized GSA(General Sales Agent) of Druk Air - The oldest airlines company of Bhutan. Along with Druk Air we also do numerous flight booking for any destination around the world. We are among the top three ticketing company in Bhutan as well.


We give you the best transportation by using vehicles like Tucson, Santa fee, Prado, Hiace Bus, Coaster Bus and various other SUV's, providing you with the safest, reliable and relaxed transport in the country. Our standings with hotels in Bhutan help us to provide you preferred accommodation for your stay. For our guests, we use properties which have exceeded all expectations.


All of our travel itineraries have been tested to bring the exciting exquisiteness of Bhutan's exceptional and colorfully diverse cultures and ecosystems. We design our small group journeys for people who share our craving for the total experience of Bhutan – the cuisine, the natural beauty, the history, culture and people. Nevertheless, we concede that each of you will have individual dreams and expectations for visiting Bhutan, which requires expertise at designing tailored itineraries, for that we can come up promptly with proposal on whatever kind of experience you may be looking for, be it trekking, biking, other adventure activities, culture experience, or specialized tours such as bird-watching, art & textiles, etc...

We guarantee that we provide the best services in Bhutan, we are right at the source and we follow all government producers in rates as well as in service deliver with exceptional guest satisfaction.

Our guides and support staff take the utmost care with every aspect of your trip, from altitude related concerns to ensuring hygienic food preparation in camp. However rare emergencies may be traveling with us guarantees the safety and security of your trip.


Our current strategy of giving back to the community is by strictly following ecofriendly tours, we give back to the community by helping out various needy vendors which caters to making Bhutan's destination a unique place to visit. We can also recommend you to various nonprofit organizations if you wish to donate.


Travel to Bhutan with Bhutan Oriental Tours & Treks and enjoy the most efficient service in the country. The best time to visit Bhutan will be spring and autumn; however summer and winter have their own charm.